Scannovision MV-QMS

7” Quad Monitor


  • Can individually control / setup the 4 cameras
  • DVD kytkentämahdollisuus
  • Jaettu näkymä 1, 2, 3 ja 4 kuvalle
  • Picture in Picture toiminto

1.Four trigger signal inputs: auto switch to the working camera.
2.With trigger wire for dual picture, relative cameras can be combined optionally.
3.Priority of quad and dual picture can be selected.
4.Backup distance grid & left / right turning indicator arrow on the screen.
5.Live video output; connected monitor can display synchronously.
6.REC video output, and picture can be single or split.
7.Day / Night (light in buttons).
8.Brightness, color, contrast, volume and sharp of each camera can be separately set up.
9.Mirror / Normal image for each camera can be separately selected.
10.Single, dual, triple, quad-view and PIP functions.
11.On-board speaker.
12.Auto scan available and image switching time from 1~30 seconds.
13.Power short protection.

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